jueves, enero 29, 2009

right now

right now opportunity is passing you by
right now justice is being perverted in a court of law
right now black and whites don't eat together very much
right now you could be outside
right now the light from a star in M-5 is heading toward earth.....
right now light that left m-5 a thousand years ago is getting to your house
right now god is killing moms and dogs because he has to
right now guilt is turning someone inside out
right now van halen is planning a world tour
right now there's a bomb factory hard at work.
right now your sitting to close
right now somebody's got the wrong idea
right now oil companies and old men are in control
right now it's business as usual in the woods.
right now nothing is more expensive than regret
right now people who can't read are bumming cigarettes
right now is just a space between ice ages
right now youth is king

right now the truth is being obscured
right now , science is building a better tomato....
right now pigs are becoming lunch
right now someone is working too hard for minimum wages
right now a convenience store is open
right now mike is thinking about a solo project
right now your parents miss you
right now oysters are being robbed of there sole possession
right now no one is safe from loneliness
right now it's cold where someone you love is
right now you could be backstage
right now it nicer in cabo
right now a mad man is wandering the streets of the town you live
right now she is going on with her life
right now time is having it's way with you
right now forces are aligning against you.
right now someone is walking onto a nude beach for the first time
right now ed's got his hands full
right now you wish you had a larger tv
write now
right now our government is doing things we think only other countries do
right now you aren't doing what you most wish you were
right now it's harder than it looks
right now your memory is getting longer while your life is getting shorter.
right now a 13 year old is illegaly downloading this song
right now fear istr ying to win
right now someone is giving more than he receives
right now dogs have it good
right now is not the fault of the japanese
right now there is no cure
right now people are doing it for money
right now a bowl of soup would be nice
right now keeps happening
right now be happy

Don't wanna wait til tomorrow,
Why put it off another day?
One more walk through problems,
Built up, and stand in our way ,ah
One step ahead, one step behind me
Now you gotta run to get even
Make future plans, don't dream about yesterday, hey

C'mon turn, turn this thing around
Right now, hey
It's your tomorrow
Right now,
C'mon,it's everything
Right now,
Catch a magic moment, do it
Right here and now
It means everything

Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm,
And nothing falls into place, no
Only missed by a fraction,
Slipped a little off your pace, oh,
The more things you get, the more you want,
Just trade in one for the other,
Workin so hard, to make it easier, whoa,
Got to turn, c'mon turn this thing around

Right now
It's right now
Tell me, what are you waiting for
Turn this thing around

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Anónimo dijo...

right now I wish I were in my bed again, and you in my arms again

Anónimo dijo...

right now i am so fucking hungry =(

Iris Suheil dijo...

This is my favorite:

"right now your memory is getting longer while your life is getting shorter"

Im obssesed with memories, mementos...etc

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