miércoles, noviembre 14, 2007

'tis the season for some linux lovin' (again)

Soo…. I was talking to a friend of mine who happens to be some sort of geek.. now the thing is, up until today, every few months I get tired of Windows and decide to start browsing about all the cool stuff you can do with Linux .. it usually doesn’t take long for me to get all excited and decide to install it asap, but of course that’s all part of the little play as for a reason or another (for about three times, now) I never get to go steady with that weird penguin.

Here at the Ecole des Mines (and I suppose generally in France) the use of linux is not only common but actually endorsed, and being that Christmas’ season is near and with it my periodic yearly holiday linux crave, I decided to search (again) for the better distribution…yet the answer is always the same (there is no answer, linux gurus say) and it all usually comes down to “choose whatever fits best your needs”….Anyway, the whole point of this stuff is not to start my own comparison table but just to point out a passage from one of the reviews (not for distributions but for window managers) with which I felt so identified to, as the vast sea of options out there does nothing but overwhelm me and in consequence my linux-lover friends who have to suffer from my sick-detail level questions:

From their earliest days, the do-it-yourself tradition found among users of UNIX-like systems has ensured that both KDE and GNOME are so highly configurable that new users are likely to develop option-anxiety if they try to deal with them all at once.

And rest assured, I’m the kind of person that wants to deal with all, all at once :S

Anyway, I really hope that starting next year I install probably Mandriva and stay with it… if I do (and I’ll keep you posted), one of my collateral objectives will be to prove to other people that linux is not so bad or “ewwish” after all.. In that sense, I really hope the gPC makes a difference (and I think it will)… I’d like to give it a try sometime soon! For 200USD it’s really well packed !

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dekaru dijo...

jaja.. como diría carla en "scrubs"... that time of year again??? XD

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