lunes, noviembre 19, 2007

real full screen mode for google reader

UPDATE (15-Dec-07): Recent added feature "Friend's Shared Items" does not show up using the OS X style for Google Reader. Hopefully there will be an update that fixes that.

Today, my dearest younglings, I shall expand your perspectives upon life up to where no mass but a few men have ever dared before.....

Well, pretty much... it is only so every now and then that a piece of software/script/thingy/foo falls into my hands so valuable as this one.. last one i remember was notepad2.. great replacement for your conventional -a little too much, i'd say- notepad...

"Cut the crap !" .. people yell... alright, so here it is... the Google Reader that we know comes in an easy-to-the-eye yet not that space-efficient format we all love (right?):

Google Reader "as is", by broken glass

mind you, before that it was rather worse (actually because of the looks i didn't start using it until they changed the UI)... and even now, I had always longed for a cleaner and more efficient view ...

Enter Google Reader Mac OS X style, found via Firefox Stylish Extension .

Google Reader w/ Mac OS theme, by broken glass

.. beautiful, isn't it ?

Well, there you have it... I strongly recommend using this style together with the Google Reader Minimalistic Firefox extension in order to achieve what I can only describe as a glorious, long awaited and lean full screen for Google Reader... I mean, come on... calling the u key shortcut a "full screen" is like a smack in the face.. honestly..

What you will probably want to do is edit the greasemonkey script so it doesn't hide the search panel (the script is really simple, dive in!).. it doesn't really help hiding it and if you don't do it you only end up losing valuable functionality.

The only drawback, though, is that you won't be able to unsuscribe or change a feed's folder.. for those moments i suggest disabling greasemonkey, middle-click the link to the suscription (so you open it still with google reader but in another tab), make the corresponding changes, close, refresh, you're all good now.

If there was a Nobel prize for coolest simplest script/style, this would probably be it (well.. after Flickr's Remove Spaceball)

I hope you learned something new today, my young padawan's, and by all means if you have a better idea to enhance Google Reader, don't hesitate to share it !

Check out these other useful Greasmonkey scripts.

ps. si no tienes NP idea de lo que es Google Reader, checa este post.

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