jueves, noviembre 15, 2007

la journée internationale

Today we had the Journée Internationale at the École des Mines… it was sooo cooool! As with many other foreign friends, we didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, but we all did our best (well, not everyone, but there was still a pretty good participation for the school’s size) to show off our culture to other students.

P1010360, by broken glass

It was pretty cool passing through the different stands and noticing all the diversity, not only by name or flags but also on faces and colors, all in one place. From all the stands I liked the most the one from China because I got to draw/write with an authentic Chinese …truc (don’t remember the name). Here’s the result which reminded me of the Japanese class I took a while ago:

P1010391, by broken glass

Also, after seeing the natural beauties of Colombia I might reconsider dropping a line in that country later on :D

P1010386, by broken glass

Stands weren’t all there was to it: there were also some shows every once in a while which involved aiki-do, kung-fu, flamenco, flamenco with an exchange girl, song popurri with violin and salsa.

But the thing that took the most attention from the evening is, IMHO, the Mexican stand :D … I had no idea we were that many Mexicans in the school! And as I’m kind of a hermit most Mexicans had no idea I was also Mexican, hahaha… the effort made was pretty cool and we had a lot of things from jalapeños, tequila, guacamole, fruta con chile to quesadillas and frijoles charros…all accompanied by good music and a lot of colors (or rather a lot of combinations of green, white and red).

P1010444, by broken glass

Nevertheless we all felt a little offended when we saw the replica of the Mexican flag they keep at the school:

P1010460, by broken glass

… no comments whatsoever…

This proved to be a really cool day and as i parted I wondered why we didn’t have that kind of stuff in my school… oohh wait, we do have some similar stuff, the Expotec !

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Dyu chan dijo...

_nomms!!! tu cabello!!!
Woah!... hace mucho que no veía una foto tuya... tu cabello está muy largo!!... Nada qué ver ahora con los 'Davito-wannabe' que se me figura ver de repente en el tec XD


Anónimo dijo...

n_n intercambio cultural

no hubo de fluidos? ; )

(etiketa de un xbox pirata eslovaco)

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