viernes, julio 28, 2006

dreams are dreams

i got a story and it's almost finished

all i need is someone to tell it too

maybe, thats you.

our time is borrowed and spent to freely

every minute i have needs to be made up

but how?

I’m looking for a nice way to say

"i'm out."

i want out.

don’t it feel like sunshine after all

the world we love forever, gone

we're only just as happy

as everyone else seems to be

i’m in love with the ordinary

i need a simple space

to rest my head

and everything gets clear

well i’m a little ashamed for asking

but just a little helps

it gets me straight again

helps me get over it

it might seem like a dream

but it's real to me

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Anónimo dijo...

y de qn es la voz del videito..

tezetajotagetecina (una medicina)

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