martes, febrero 03, 2009

Día 22 -- everytime you mention it i die a little inside...

Monday morn', has taken this life away from me
I find myself in the same place again
Staring at the same four walls, the screen makes my eyeballs crawl
No man was made to live the life I'm in (sic)
But I won't spend time on your giant clock
My imagination just won't stop
I just can't let these feelings go
I guess I should just ask you so

Sunday Jen (sic), won't you let me come see you tomorrow
Though I know, my time is six days away (sic)
Sunday Jen
(sic), oh this I know, the future can't be borrowed
But there's no one else, that makes me feel this way

No sense forcing it. You just got to let it flow
and I can't think to say, 'I'll let her go.'
After all this time, after all that we've been through
Just one less car on down the avenue

Abstract words, on the fly
Were never really my forte
Too much logic and savoir faire
For two souls, in parallel

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