jueves, febrero 12, 2009

Top Reasons to Date a FEMALE Cyclist

1. We go as fast or slow as you need to.

2. If need be, we've got 15 different types of lube at home!

3. We're bike tourers, not sprinters.

4. We do quite well in the drops, thanks!

5. It's not necessarily the frequency of the rides, but each ride's

6. We know it's not about the size of your tubes.

7. You call 'em pigtails, we call 'em handlebars.

8. We can wear white and red bike shorts without "advertising"

9. Plateaus aren't just flat-topped hills to us!

10. Our steel is real!

11. We don't try to one-up our buddies on ride totals

12. We can hit the top tube mountain biking without dramatically
altering our sex lives

13. Jersey cleavage.

14. Accessories are half the fun!

15. Pumps are bicycle-only accessories for us.

16. We take special care to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

17. The "How do I look in these jeans?" question is obsolete.

18. If we haven't come that way before, it might not just be the

ps. ojalá yo hubiera tenido la creatividad de hacer este escrito antes, jajaja
pps. ver versión de ciclistas hombres

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