lunes, noviembre 03, 2008

block a specific author from a feed

If you thought you were the only one who thought that ALT1040 is a very cool blog but that Eduardo Arcos should be banned, expelled and never allowed to post in any collaborative blog ever again, then let me tell you this: you're not alone !

I have created a very basic Yahoo Pipe which will filter out entries from a specific author. It currently works with feeds from blogger and whatever it is they use at ALT1040. Configure and use so you can enjoy from your favorite blogs without all those crappy entries from unoriginal authors !

ps. I gave him a shot, I really did... but it seems like this guy takes everything from my shared items list and just copy pastes it into his blog !

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kurazaybo dijo...

Jajaja si, es lo que piensa mucha gente. Y luego superexagera con sus opiniones de Mac y watchmen, pobre hombre nadie lo quiere.

A mi me cae mal cuando opina de politica en Mexico y paises latinos, siendo que el nisiquiera vive en un pais de habla hispana :s

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